About the company

ORANTA Insurance Company, Limited liability Company, is a part of Achmea Group (The Netherlands), which is active in seven countries: the Netherlands , Turkey, Russia, Greece, Slovakia, Ireland and Australia.

The company has a vast regional network in Russia, a license for 23 kinds of insurance activity, as well as a license for reinsurance.

In 2012 the Company was awarded a reliability rating A+ (confirmed in 2013) - very high reliability by "EXPERT RA" agency.

According to the data of the Service for Financial Markets of the Central Bank of Russia, ORANTA Insuranse is among top 29 largest insurance companies by premiums (non-life).

The Company works in cooperation with the largest international reinsurance companies: Swiss Re, SCOR, Hannover Re, Deutsche Ruck, R&V, General Re.

ORANTA Insurance is a member of different professional and industrial associations, particularly, an active member of All-Russian Insurance Association, All-Russian Motor Insurance Association, The National Union Of Liability Insurers, Association of European Businesses.

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